We are providing software development services for both mobile (iOS/Android) and web apps. We make the best use of platform capabilities and provide the customer with a premium experience.

Our software developers step into our clients’ shoes and painlessly build powerful software products and applications that best fit their business.

We are hungry for knowledge

Our experts have skills in various new and classic platforms.

Frontend Development.

We have profound experience in creating responsive and interactive designs by using the latest front-end tools and proven techniques and methodologies. At the same time, we actively adopt new trends to increase the efficiency of your product and maximize user experience.

Backend Development.

Usually, all the glory goes to frontend development which focuses on the creation of the user interface, and back-end code stays out of the spotlight, not seen by the end user. However, exactly back-end code brings to life the app, its every feature and every button of the interface.

Mobile Development.

Do you need your product to cover a wider audience? Then, native applications is what your business needs. With the constant growth of the smartphone industry and the existence of multiple smartphone platforms, a native apps is one of the best ways to provide a high-quality user experience and acquire more customers.

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Enterprise development

Our team works with corporate partners to help you increase revenue streams and improve your competitive edge through the use of bespoke products and technology. A.D. automates business processes and unites teams with our purpose-built apps that perform on both web browsers and mobile devices for enterprises worldwide.

E-Commerce Application

For almost a decade A.D. has been creating e-commerce apps that help businesses attract new visitors, increase customer loyalty and work simultaneously with an unlimited amount of buyers, providing the ultimate user experience and satisfaction that engages your clients and keeps them coming back again and again.

Development of MVPs

We are experienced business consultants who can help make your business idea a reality. A large portion of services involve the development of Minimum Viable Products for startups. An MVP brings you to the basic level of functionality as fast as possible so your business is ready to deploy with no delay.

Transport & Logistics

We have a comprehensive technological expertise that spans across a number of industries. Applying our knowledge from a range of projects, we develop bespoke software and mobile apps for our partners in warehousing, transport and courier delivery markets.